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Shopping advisor / Purchasing consultant

The Personal Shopper is a purchasing consultant: he accompanies his customers in shopping, providing advice on what to buy and where. The Personal Shopper takes care of the image of customers, suggesting the best purchases in terms of clothing and accessories to create the style that best reflects their wishes and needs.
In short, she helps with shopping and to do this, first of all she has to understand who the customer is, what she wants and what she needs, that is to know the customer thoroughly. The Personal Shopper therefore tries to collect as much information as possible, to outline the client's lifestyle, his personal and professional goals, the image she wants to give of herself.
This knowledge is the basis for being able to create solid and deep relationships with your customers and to find the right look that enhances them and makes them feel at ease.


We take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of boutiques, fashion stores, e-commerce platforms, brands and trends of the moment to go in search of the most suitable purchase according to different needs. We accompany customers on shopping tours in physical stores, we recommend what to buy and where in order to have the best product at the lowest price, we suggest outfit combinations and combinations and we provide advice on colors, fabrics and wearability.

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