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Cancellation policy

Cancelling a confirmed booking


Less than 7 days booking (Last minute):

- If a tour is cancelled from the guest side less than 7 days from the the day of the tour, no refund is allowed.

- If a tour is booked within a week from the starting day, the guest has 24 hours window to cancel with no penality; after 24 hours no refund is allowed.

Within 14 days and 7 days booking:

- If a tour is cancelled within 14 days and 7 days before the starting time of the tour/trip, the guest will receive a 50% of refund.

Over 14 days booking:

- If a tour is cancelled over than 14 days from the day of the tour, the guest will receive a full refund.

Cancellation for mistake, overlapping, not major reasons or any reason not depending on Grand Tour Experience:

- If a refund applies, we must deduct bank fees (8%) from the amount guest paid.


If an experience is cancelled by Grand Tour Experience, the guest will receive a total refund. 


*This takes into account the starting time of the tour in Italy (Rome time).


Same day bookings (Very Last Minute)

If the booking was made for the same day (i.e. the reservation is confirmed at 10am for 2.30pm tour), no refunds allowed.


Late on tour or delay:

- We always try to accomodate guests haveing issues with traffic or train delays if we can and availbilty permits. However it's not covered from us any train strike, car rental issues, or any reason for delays: guests can find alternative types of transportation, in case we can help to solve if possible, but we are not responsible of any delays.

- Tours must start on time, expecially for group tours, to respect other participants, we can wait at least 10 minutes from the starting time, then the guide has to start and phones are not usually used during the tour. 

In this cases a refund it's not allowed.

Refund modality:

- Paypal, Bank transfer or Credit Card Link

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