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Cancellation policy

Cancelling a confirmed booking


Less than 7 days booking (Last minute):

Once a guest books a tour on Grand Tour Experience, they have a 24-hours window full refund; after that, the booking is sent out. 

A refund will not apply after 24 hours from the booking is confirmed.


More then 7 days booking:

If a tour is cancelled more than 7 days before the starting time of the tour/trip, the guest will receive a total refund.


If an experience is cancelled by Grand Tour Experience, the guest will receive a total refund. 


*This takes into account the starting time of the tour in Italy (Rome time).


Same day bookings (Very Last Minute)

If the booking was made for the same day (i.e. the reservation is confirmed at 10am for 2.30pm tour), no refunds allowed.

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