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Event Management

This phrase has Anglo-Saxon origins and literally means "event management". Often, however, it refers more broadly to the complete planning of a happening, its ongoing gestation, and monitoring its progress.... find out more

Driver Service

Our services are designed to satisfy all present and future customers at 360 °, with a constant and lasting service over time. We are able to accompany you on a business trip in full relaxation… find out more

Boat rental

An exclusive tour by private boat can be a key plus to your experience: the comfort of moving by yourself will be linked to the beauty of living the Mediterrean coasts by the sea... find out more

Antiques Shopping Service / Antiques Shopping

Grand Tour Experience boasts in-depth knowledge of the art and antiques market. Our network of art dealers will be able to advise you with expertise and professionalism in the purchase or evaluation of antiques or vintage prints and paintings… find out more

Logistic Help / Logistic advisor

You don't have to worry about anything because we can take care of everything! Do you need train tickets? Do you need to contact a hotel or restaurant? Do you have to send documents to an Italian city? We can help you make.. find out more

Travel Planner / handmade your travel

Are you undecided about your next trip and don't know where to start? The Grand Tour Experience Travel Planner is the right figure for you! The travel organizer offers himself as a consultant for the client, follows his directives and proposes… find out more

Archaeological Consultancy / Senior Archaeologist Service consultant

Grand Tour Experience is a company of professionals operating in the research sector and in the enhancement of Cultural Heritage. It deals with research and archaeological excavations applying, in accordance with the Legislative Code, the management… find out more

Art Historian Consultant / Art Historian Consultant

Collecting works of art is undoubtedly one of the highest pleasures that civilization has given us but it is a pleasure that can be very expensive and not only because the works are rare and expensive but also because the risk of making a mistake with one's… find out more

House Consulting with authorized agent

Have you always wanted to buy a property among the Tuscan vineyards or a terrace overlooking Capri? With Grand Tour Experience and its professionals team linked to the world of real estate this is possible… find out more

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