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Art Historian Consultant / Art Historian Consultant

Collecting works of art is undoubtedly one of the highest pleasures that civilization has given us but it is a pleasure that can be very expensive and not only because the works are rare and expensive but also because the risk of making a mistake with one's investments and finding oneself with works that are uncertain or not very representative, he is always lurking. Grand Tour Experience with its experts and researchers in the field of art, will support you by guiding you with confidence in the choices to make to acquire new works on the vast but insidious art market, in line with the qualitative criteria of your Collection, also advising you on which works should be deleted to improve your Collection. It will show you the most serious and reliable sales channels to recover your money and how to reinvest it on other works of sure interest.
With the global consultancy that includes: the research and purchase of works of art, the ordering of the collection, the management and promotion of the collection, you can obtain a high-prestige and high-level collection in absolute tranquility and full safety. qualitative.
If, on the other hand, you are an art lover and would like to create a collection but are afraid of operating alone on the art market for fear of fakes and rip-offs, the Grand Tour Experience studio is the solution for you.

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