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About us
Grand Tour Experience Live the Beauty

Grand Tour Experience is a company created for those who want to experience and be inebriated with Beauty of Italy. Our core business follows the concept of the "Grand Tour" which was a long mission in Europe undertaken by the rich of the aristocracy starting from the XVIII century and intended to perfect their knowledge with departure and arrival in the same city. It had an undefined duration and usually had Italy as its destination. We want to extend this concept of “the élite travel” to everyone without distinction because we strongly believe that culture belongs to everyone universally.
Living with Beauty makes us better people.


Since 2015 GT Experience has been creating exclusive experiences and private events related to the world of art and archeology, in the form of private tours with experts and authorized guides, shopping advising related to the world of antiques and the art market and precious, event management, travel planner and location advisor, exhibitions and business and cultural meetings, archaeological consultancy. We have partnerships with public and private companies to organize cultural moments of sharing and give unforgettable memories. We welcomed foreign delegations, Nobel prize and prominent personalities, accompanying them to discover the immense archaeological, artistic, historical and cultural heritage of Italy. Every guest, from the couple to the single person, from the corporate team to the private group, is fundamental for us and will receive every appropriate unique care.

The Founder

Raffaele Romano is the founder of Grand Tour Experience. Raffaele is a specialized PhD archaeologist, licensed tour guide, entrepreneur and art expert. He has conducted archaeological excavations of the classical and medieval times throughout the Mediterranean, specializing in the iconic heritage archaeological sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum, contributing to their knowledge with scientific publications. Raffaele has also collaborated with the Imperial War Museum of London managing the use of the museum and has worked on contemporary painting and photography exhibitions. In 2019 the city of Pompeii awarded him honorary citizenship. In 2020 he was among the creators of the concept of virtual online tour collaborating with companies such as Airbnb Experiences. In March 2021, during a preventive archeological excavation at Pompeii, Raffaele found the remains of an extra-urban villa. The phenomenal discovery has been reported on many national and international newspapers, increasing the prestige of Grand Tour Experience in the eyes of past lovers.


Our team is the engine of Grand Tour Experience: we are honored of young art historians, Phd archaeologists, licensed tour guides and content producers. Our team is the best in every section and thanks to our local experts we can always ensure and guarantee high guided tours standards and premium quality.

Social Commitment

Grand Tour Experience through its commercial operations is committed to making known cultural heritage that are not well known or overshadowed by large attractors. We also want to make the pleasure of discovery and guided tours affordable for everyone. Our business model is the famous Neapolitan tailoring: we sew tailor-made experiences for each of our guest.

We plant a tree for you

At Grand Tour Experience, we care about our beautiful planet and the local communities in all our destinations! But, what is sustainable travel for us? The utmost respect for local heritage & communities, and a love for our natural environment. When you buy a tour with us we plant a tree for you!

We are partnering with Reforest Action where you can select where you love to plant you tree. We are a Co2-free company and we believe in sustainable tourism.

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